Diplo finally explains why ‘Bank Roll’ was deleted from the internet

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago Diplo dropped a new track onto his SoundCloud called ‘Bank Roll’.

Despite the track’s A-list cast — it featured guest verses from the likes of Justin Bieber, Young Thug and Rich The Kid, with additional production from Boaz and King Henry — it didn’t go down too well with Diplo’s fans, who quickly tore it to shreds on social media.

Then, a couple of days after it first appeared, ‘Bank Roll’ mysteriously vanished from the internet. At first it seemed like Diplo agreed with his fans, after he began retweeting a bunch of negative feedback about the track.

But actually that wasn’t the case, as Diplo has now explained why ‘Bank Roll’ was ripped from SoundCloud. Today he re-uploaded a new version of ‘Bank Roll’ to his page, which doesn’t include Bieber’s guest verse — because that was apparently the problem all along:

“Other artists made SoundCloud take down the Justin Bieber version because they had exclusives with him,” Diplo wrote underneath the upload. “You can find it online here tho cause ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

So there you go. The new version now has Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga contributing — listen below. If you’re pining for the old version, Diplo sneakily chucked up a free download of it here.

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