Diplo and Skrillex’s rider is basically booze and health food

Between their various individual and side projects, Skrillex and Diplo aka Jack Ü maintain insane tour schedules and spend a whole lot of time between hotel rooms and backstage green rooms.

So it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if their tour riders came with outlandish demands for home comforts – but as a leaked photo (picked up by Mixmag) of the rider shows, it’s no diva-level effort.

Rather, the Jack Ü hospitality rider consists of mostly clean clothes, healthy food and enough liquor to put a rap star’s entourage under the table. On the photo below, you’ll find demands for fresh H&M socks and t-shirts, Kombucha drinks, hummus and pita bread, crouton-free Caesar salad, and fruit and vegetable trays – along with four bottles of Grey Goose, three bottles of Moet, Fireball whisky, tequila, rum, wine, Red Bull and three cases of beer (aka plenty of liquid sustenance for two growing lads).

It’s not nearly as specific as last year’s hotel riders for Kanye and Jay-Z – which required cylindrical vases and scented candles – or as hilarious as Major Lazer’s 2011 tour rider, which demanded a silverback gorilla, magnum condoms and a trained parrot, among other tongue-in-cheek requests. Check out the rider below and picture all that glorious free booze.