Diplo and DJ Snake are mad as hell at David Guetta

Chart-troubling superstar David Guetta recently put together the official theme song for UEFA’s Euro 2016 football championship, a ditty called This One’s For You that samples football crowd chants and the roar of the stadium.

Trouble is, the track’s also very reminiscent of the whole tropical vibe, dancehall rhythm and pitch bent vocals that Major Lazer and Jack Ü have long been mining – a fact that hasn’t escaped the attention of Diplo and DJ Snake.

The pair went in on Guetta overnight with a string of salty tweets accusing Guetta of stealing their sound. “I respect my elders but when they straight jack us its clap back season [sic],” tweeted Diplo. “Lanes are there for a reason. Stay in yours,” added Snake.

Both Snake and Diplo have now deleted the more pointed tweets, but Your EDM managed to screengrab them for your amusement. Follow the clapback below, and then listen to Guetta’s new track for yourself below that to decide whether or not he’s jacked the Major Lazer sound.

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