Dillon Francis is back with a brand new moombahton track

Back at the beginning of 2016, dance music’s resident funnyman Dillon Francis had hit a wall.

“My manager and I were just talking about what I was gonna do for my second album,” he told Billboard last year. “I was telling him, ‘I’m really uninspired, I don’t know which direction I wanna go into.'”

After spending some time revisiting his 2011 EP Westside! and diving into the back catalogue of Dutch moombahton master DJ Munchi, Francis came up with an idea: a full-blown Spanish language album. Now, 18 months of of busy studio time later, first single ‘Ven’ has arrived.

The track was recorded midway through last year in the Dominican Republic, with Francis enlisting reggaeton artists Arcángel and Quimico Ultra Mega to contribute vocals.

“We decided to do some crazy club shit,” shared Francis. “You don’t have to understand a word of the verses, because that drop is like the universal New York anthem—whether you’re American or Dominican. You could hear it on the dance floor and just not give a fuck what anyone thinks.”

The full album is due out later this year, listen to ‘Ven’ below.