Dillon Francis has a DJ Hanzel talk show and it’s amazing

Dillon Francis’ alter-ego DJ Hanzel has been going vun deeper with us since 2013. From the Instagram videos, to the brief YouTube series and his own deep house-favouring DJ sets, DJ Hanzel is a talent that can’t be stopped.

But its Hanzel’s latest venture that may be his best yet. Francis has teamed up with production company TBS Network for a talk show-style web series starring his famous character, modelled on Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns.

One Deeper Talks sees DJ Hanzel inviting his favourite dance superstar peers in for a chat – and, occasionally, some hypnosis or live art. The seven episodes feature the likes of Calvin Harris (“You’ve been streamed over 5 billion times – does this make you the McDonalds of music?”, Tokimonsta (“Is Skrillex the most influential female DJ for you?”) and Alesso (“Why do you make music if you’re so beautiful?”)

He also attempts to hypnotise Kaskade to turn him into a new DJ – called DJ Gary – and gets What So Not to stick a bucket on his foot while chanting “pony, chocolate, machine.” Basically, the videos need to be seen to be believed – see a selection of our favourites below.

What So Not



Calvin Harris