Dillon Francis: All about cultural uprising

Turns out, Stereosonic recruit Dillon Francis is quite the character. From DJing sans pants, tales of misadventure under his alter ego Hymen B. Laster and why “Fleetwood Mac can suck it”, when inthemix got on the phone to the moombahton specialist we found him in a particularly serious mood.

Hi Dillon. So where are you right now?

I’m in Los Angeles pacing in my kitchen.

Why are you pacing in your kitchen? Actually, why am I asking the shit questions? We only have ten minutes! How excited are you for Stereosonic? All your friends are on board as well.

I know! It’s seriously going to be the craziest time of my life just because how many of my friends are the festival, it’s going to be like a Christmas party.

Summer camp for DJs?

Exactly! That’s exactly what it is!

So we won’t count Stereosonic since that’s in the future, but thus far what’s been your favourite festival?

I’ve definitely loved all the stuff Gary Richards puts on, he does all of the HARD LA events. That’s probably one of my favourite festivals.

There’s a photo of you with your pants off behind the decks. Is this what we can expect at Stereosonic?

Yeah probably, who knows. I told the photographer, hey I’m going to take my pants off while I’m DJing, I want you to take a photo of me lifting my hands up and everyone going crazy, but little do they know I have my pants off behind the DJ booth.

So what’s up with you and Diplo being obsessed with cats? Diplo has Diplo Kitty, you’ve got Mittens Francis, and Lindsay Lohan is tweeting at it ?

I still can’t believe that Lindsay Lohan would tweet at it.

I think this is a sign of how highly influential your cat is.

It is! I don’t know why me and Diplo are so obsessed with cats, I just think they’re so funny that’s why I like them so much they’re just ridiculous animals that do really weird things.

What’s wrong with dogs why doesn’t anyone in dance like dogs?

I do, but no one in dance music can own one they need too much love cats are indifferent to love.

Is it true you used to graffiti around LA as “Hymen B. Laster”?

Yeah that’s my graffiti name, swear to God, it was Hymen B. Laster. It was really good, it made sense because I would just draw a giant dick on the wall. I mean, put two and two together: Hymen B. Laster, giant dick.

What are you working on now?

Right now I’m working on my new single for Calvin Harris’ label [Fly Eye]. I should have it done within the next couple of weeks. A whole bunch of new stuff, I have like eight tracks that I’m finishing up right now they’re kind of 50% done so I can almost start playing all of them out.

You’ve worked with so many amazing artists already: Diplo, A-Trak, Skrillex, Example, Jack Beats. Who’s the best to work with?

I think my favourite person to work with is Diplo, just because he’s really easy and fun to hang out with. My second favourite was Example. Actually, I’d say Example is my favourite, he’s just so funny. He’s probably the funniest person I’ve ever met. His Australian accent is so on point.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

The person I really want to work with, who’s that girl who sang Smooth Criminal?

Err, Michael Jackson?

Not that one, Fiona Apple! I want to work with Fiona Apple, but before she went crazy and decided to stop making music.

I’m trying to imagine her on one of her tracks.

That doesn’t sound right does it? I’d also want to work with Nicky Romero, he’s pretty good.

Do you feel like moombahton has reached overexposure now?

Well yeah, I think that kind of happened, but that happens with everything like that happened with dubstep. Everyone was like “eugh dubstep dubstep everything dubstep dubstep” and I guess the same thing happened with moombahton. Also I hate the word moombahton, I don’t really like that name.

What would you like to call it? Dutch house reggae-ton?

We should have called it that, just make it an obnoxiously long word that no one will say. I would just call it electro house so everyone gets confused as fuck. Some people already call it dubstep anyway!


Yeah, a lot of people say to me “Stop making dubstep and make moombahton”, but the thing is they’re talking about my tracks that have down step in them. If we had just orginially called it electro house people would just be mind fucked and they would have to like it ten times more than they already do.

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