Digitalism: It’s blitz

The German electro duo of Jens Moelle and Isi Tüfekí§i – you’d probably know them best as Digitalism – have been out of the spotlight for a couple of years now following the electro explosion that brought them along with Justice and the Ed Banger clan to forefront of dance music around 2006/2007. But just because they haven’t been in our faces doesn’t mean the pair have been inactive as inthemix found when Moelle took some time out from working on album number two in Hamburg for an interview.

It’s been pretty quiet on the Digitalism front lately but now you’re coming out of hiding to do some shows in Australia and then onto Japan, how does that feel?

“Yeah, it has been a bit quiet. I mean, we stopped playing live shows last year and just changed over to doing DJ shows and then this year we cut that back even more. We just needed some time at home and in the studio to get to work on our next album. After Australia and Japan we’ll be coming straight back home to finish what we started and I think the next year will be a very busy one for us.”

It’s been interesting to see the reaction to you guys coming back. People have really missed you guys. But I think that perception that it’s been really quiet has gotten a little out of control these days because of the internet. Everybody wants things so fast these days whereas just 10 years ago it was normal for guys like Daft Punk to have five years in between their album releases. Do you feel that there’s an increased pressure these days?

“Things are definitely speeding up these days and it is a bit of a shame that three years seems like a decade. But that’s just how it is and we have to understand that. People just zap to things, it’s life in the fast lane! It’s not like we haven’t been out there, we have, we just haven’t done any big monster tours for the last two years. And every time we play somewhere there are lots of people there to see us!”

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