Deadmau5 talks making techno: “EDM all sounds the same to me”

We all know Deadmau5 is prolific enough in the studio to fill a 25-track double album, with many more experiments uploaded for the eager horde. As it turns out, though, that’s just scratching the surface of his output.

A week after Joel Zimmerman’s long-time ally Richie Hawtin released the first new track on his iconic PLUS 8 imprint in almost two years – the handiwork of another “skinny white kid” going by the moniker testpilot – Zimmerman has confirmed to inthemix what we’d all assumed: Sunspot is his handiwork.

“I was just trying something different,” Deadmau5 told inthemix at Sydney’s Future Music Festival over the weekend. “I kind of knew that if I put it out under an alias it would be fuckin’ five minutes before people figured out it was me. I mean, EDM all sounds the same to me. But with techno – minimal techno, or heavy techno, or neo-progressive techno – fuck, it’s all techno! Goddamn. You know what I mean? It’s got a kick every 4/4, so everything in that realm I’m cool with.”

As more than a few keen fans have already noted, Sunspot was first uploaded to Deadmau5’s Soundcloud a couple of years ago; and while quickly deleted the original incarnation now lives on via YouTube. “For the PLUS 8 thing, Richie wanted to put something out that was, obviously, a little Plus 8-y,” Joel told us. “A very minimal, proggy track. I just so happened to already have that one lying around so I was like, here, repackage this.”

Of course, Sunspot isn’t the first time Joel Zimmerman’s released his work incognito. “I don’t talk about it, but yes I do have aliases and I do put out music in those channels, just do it,” he said. “Fuck man, some of these things that I did that I put out are hilarious because they have these little cult followings and people who comment, “Oh this is way better than anything Joel could do.’ Funny, that. But whatever, it’s just a bit of side fun, because I always like to produce.” If you haven’t heard Sunspot already, listen to Deadmau5 by another name below.