Deadmau5 raises the stakes on “Some Chords” hardstyle battle

As much as Deadmau5 relishes a Twitter war of words, he wasn’t just playing last week when he accused Dutch hardstyle identity Wildstylez of chord-theft. After taking aim at Wildstylez’s Straightforward for its resemblance to Some Chords, Joel Zimmerman has now made an official copyright infringement claim. The video for Straightforward has since been removed from YouTube.

“I just don’t think ripping off someone else’s shit and selling it is such an amazing idea,” Zimmerman wrote on his Facebook page after a stream of hard dance fans took issue with his complaint. For his part, Wildstylez – real name Joram Metekohy – replied to Zimmerman, “Love your stuff, but you’re taking a little too much credit here.”

After taking aim at Wildstylez, the ‘mau5 also created his own sardonic ode to hardstyle, the abrasive one minute and 22 second Dat Kick Doe, bringing back his previously-dormant SoundCloud for the occasion. “Took me like 7 hours to tune that kick,” he quipped on Twitter when sharing his creation. You can endure it below.

Meanwhile, according to his Twitter Deadmau5 is now en route to Australia. He’s just a few days away from kicking off the huge Future Music Festival tour, where he’s set to headline the mainstage in five cities around the country. Oh, happy days.