Deadmau5 just gifted us with a bunch of orchestral remixes of his biggest hits

Back in December, Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman was sitting in his home studio conducting one of his many Twitch live streams when he decided to share a snippet of something he was working on.

It wasn’t something new, but it was something very different: mau5 had remade his 2010 hit ‘Strobe’ into an orchestral arrangement. Unfortunately for us, he only let the track play through for a single minute before he shut it off, joking “Yep that’s all you get.”

Thankfully, that’s not all we get. In a new live stream Zimmerman previewed a further 13 edits, with tracks like ‘Avaritia’, ‘Invidia’, ‘Jaded’ and ‘Surburbia’ all receiving classical adaptations. You can listen to them all below; scroll down for the specific timestamps.

The majority of the tracks come from his 2014 album while (1<2), leading some fans to speculate that deadmau5 could be preparing to release a completely orchestral version of the record. The producer confirmed last year that his next album is well underway, and we can expect to hear it sometime early this year.


00:00 — ‘Acedia’
05:16 — ‘Ira’
09:14 — ‘Gula’
10:11 — ‘Invidia’
11:12 — ‘Avaritia’
12:27 — ‘Luxuria’
13:54 — ‘Coelacanth 1’
16:42 — ‘Superbia’
19:26 — ‘Jaded’
23:00 — ‘Monophobia’
27:24 — ‘Strobe’
28:07 — ‘Fn Pig’
34:56 — ‘Mercedes’
35:46 — ‘Fn Pig’ (Michael Gold Arrangement)