Watch an orchestra remake one of Deadmau5’s biggest tracks

It looks like that Deadmau5 orchestral album will actually come to pass.

The Canadian producer confirmed in December last year that a new album was on the way — slated for release in the first half of the year — and that it was “the most epic thing I’ve ever done“.

He’s since spent the last few months sharing snippets of classical remixes of his biggest tracks — including ‘Strobe’, ‘Avaritia’, and ‘Invidia’ — leading many to speculate that his next album will be an entirely orchestral.

That theory now looks all but confirmed, as Deadmau5 has just shared a video of an orchestra recording ‘Invidia’. “There’s nothing better in my world than being able to sit in during a few recording passes of this,” he wrote on Facebook. “Unreal.”

Watch the video below.