Deadmau5 offers 56 tracks for free

Production machine Deadmau5 is giving a little something back to the fans who have been shelling out for his every release. The Canadian has offered free downloads of 56 “random/IDM/glitchy” mini-tracks he made before hitting Beatport paydirt.

On his MySpace blog, Deadmau5 puts out a general call to “people with short attention spans”.

“Okay! Heres the deal…. before i started making house / electro / whatever I used to make alllll sorts of random / idm / glitchy stuff…. so i was flipping around my hard drive and i found these 56 tracks… theyre all pretty short, but something cool to surf through and stick on your ipod oh shuffle if youre bored!

“anyways… the idea back then was to do a thing called “Project 56” which was 56 tracks for people with short attention spans… instead of waiting years to finally throw it together, i figured i’d just toss it to everyone.”

The young gun, whose tunes enjoy prime position in many a DJ bag, has an extensive tour ahead of him. He’s making stops right around America, including performances at Coachella and Ultra Music Festival, with some European dates in between.

Click HERE to download the Mau5’s 56 random studio experiments…in one mighty zip file.