Deadmau5 “nearly blew up” club crowd with DIY-pyro


The mau5 took to Twitter today to offer some photo evidence of how he almost went up in flames: “Holy crap!!! Remember that explosion that nearly f’n killed me in NYC!?!? Now with pic!”

Canadian star Deadmau5 has narrowly avoided an on-stage incineration, following a bit of impromptu pyro in the booth at New York’s Provocateur nightspot. The mau5 was on a quick weekend club tour with his ‘Unhooked’ set-up which included New York, Chicago and his Las Vegas residency at XS.

According to The New York Post, the near-death-experience happened when the headliner set fire to an air-horn as he was working his new release The Veldt into the mix. Unsurprisingly, it went up in flames. “OMG I actually lived through that,” he wrote on Twitter. “Nearly blew up myself and a buncha people in the booth. Pyro’s a bitch.” The New York Post makes sure to note that the crowd present not only included normal people, but also precious celebrities too (model Hillary Rhoda and singer Ciara, apparently). Sounds like it could’ve been the diaster gig to end them all.

Deadmau5 is now back in the studio, unscarred, to get new material ready for a full live tour. An Australian release date has been set for his Veldt EP: 22 June 2012. As well as lead single The Veldt, the collection will also include Failbait, his hook-up with stoner icons Cypress Hill, as well as remixes of The Veldt. The Veldt EP is the first in a series of EPs to be released by the producer in coming months. A compilation album is expected later in the year. The last time we saw Deadmau5 here was for Creamfields 2011, and this flurry of new music certainly seems well-placed to incite a speedy return…