Deadmau5 made you an epic 500 track playlist

If you have a spare 46 hours and you’d like to spend it listening to first-rate electronic music, Deadmau5 has you sorted.

The Canadian producer has pulled together a whopping 474 tracks from his mau5trap mates onto one mammoth Spotify playlist. There’s plenty of cuts from Joel Zimmerman himself, including the recent releases ‘Cat Thuster’ and ‘4ware’, as well as old favourites like ‘I Remember’ and ‘Strobe’.

As for his label mates, he’s picked tracks from ATTLAS, Tinlicker, Monstergetdown, Rezz, No Mana and Matt Lange, to name just a few.

Aside from making playlists, Deadmau5 has been very busy touring his brand new live show, featuring the much-talked about new cube. Plenty of fan footage has been doing the rounds since his tour kicked off — and while it won’t do the real thing justice, it’s definitely worth a look.

Check a clip out below, right after the playlist.