Deadmau5 just gave us another look at his totally insane home studio

Compared to many of dance music’s harder-touring DJs (looking at you, Steve Aoki), Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman actually spends a decent amount of time each year at home. And boy, what a home it is.

Zimmerman recently invited the guys from Linus Tech Tips into his Toronto residence for a closer look at just how the superstar DJ spends his downtime. As expected, it’s insane — from the taxidermy room to the supercar garage, Zimmerman has pimped his place to the nines.

But it’s his spectacular home studio that really takes the cake. The room, which is entirely suspended from a vaulted ceiling to improve acoustics, is any audio nerd’s wet dream. For a start, the Neve console at its centre would set you back a cool $500,000 — not to mention the walls of analog modular systems that surround it, or the nine custom-made ATC speakers that allow the producer to master audio in 3D.

Then there are the dozens of synths that run up the walls, all of which have different tonal properties, and most of which cost tens of thousands of dollars. Among them is the synth that was used to create R2D2’s sounds in Star Wars. Not a replica, the actual synth.

To support this insane amount of gear, Deadmau5 even has his own server room. Basically, it needs to be seen to be believed — watch it all below.