Deadmau5 is taking the piss out of every DJ on Twitter right now

UPDATE: Alison Wonderland has responded to Deadmau5 in the best possible way.

Acrostic poems – those little ditties you wrote in primary school by assigning a word to each letter in a person’s name – can potentially be a whole lot of fun.

Iconoclastic tweeter and producer Deadmau5 knows this: right now, he’s taking cheeky pot shots at the world’s superstar DJs, and a bunch of his good mates, by making up unflattering acrostics (or reverse acronyms) of their names at the behest of his Twitter followers.

It all started about an hour ago in the midst of a Twitter back and forth about Ultra and EDC . “EDC = Economic Disaster Clearance,” Deadmau5 tweeted, before warming to his theme and moving onto Ultra (“Underaged Liberal Teens Releasing Angst”), Coachella (“C*nty Old Artists Centered Here, Even Lisa Lohan Attends” [sic]) and Tomorrowland (“Terrifyingly Oppressive Moguls Own Rights, Raping Our Wallets. Lawyers, Accountants, No Dimes”).

Next up, he gave himself a serve of snark (“Deadmau5 = dickhead enters active deal, music always underimpresses. 5.”) as well as mates like Steve Duda and Dillon Francis, and then every superstar DJ name his Twitter followers could throw at him, from Afrojack to Daft Punk – even Flume got a serve. It’s not exactly groundbreaking news, but it is very funny. Read a selection of the best below, and follow in real time on Twitter.