Deadmau5 – For Lack Of A Better Name

Love him or hate him, it is without question that Deadmau5 has made a phenomenal impact on the world of electronic dance music. From relative obscurity only a few years ago, amidst all the mau5-heads, the tattoos, and the crowd-surfing at his own gigs, his tracks have become some of the most downloaded on the planet. The Canadian DJ/producer (known by his mum as Joel Zimmerman) headlines major festivals week in week out, and he’s been sending crowds into an absolute frenzy. Up and until now, it was mostly on of the back of a bunch of hugely successful singles that were brought together on Random Album Title. Well, not anymore. Drumroll kids, as we now have the much-anticipated sequel, which is not surprisingly, just as unflappably titled: For Lack Of A Better Name.

Kicking off, drums banging, and the type of haunting intro that is typical of the opening of his sets, you can imagine this sending a mau5-happy crowd into a electro-mad frenzy. And electro is they key word here, because as he opens up with the hard banging stuff, there is little to be seen of the ‘prog’ that characterised his early days with the likes of Faxing Berlin and Arguru. Strap your shoes on, cos you’re in for a ride, and smack right into Moar Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff and Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff, which in theme with a lot of his more recent sets, gets thing hectic. Quickly. While previously released, the second ‘ghost’ tune now has vocals to go with it from Pendulum’s Rob Swire and it’s going to be stupidly popular. Regardless if you like Zimmerman’s style or not, seriously kids, this is going to send crowds absolutely fucking mental.

Half way into this album and the energy appears relentless. The already well-known Hi Friend! (featuring MC Flipside) and Bot come together with everything before it to manufacture about 25 minutes of mayhem, before we slowly but surely move into a slightly less frenetic state of mind. Soma sounds suspiciously tech-infused, while the title track from the album then casually returns us to the prog-sound that was a bit more prominent on his earlier releases. Electro. Tech. Progressive. He certainly can’t be accused of being one-dimensional. Then, to wrap it all up, he takes us through two absolute prog-bombs: The 16th Hour taking it up a notch, before the bouncy melodies of Strobe step in, and with all the tracks on this release morphed together like a sixty-minute set, this is the gentle journey home. Running at over ten minutes, this tune is a belter, and as the pií┬Ęce de résistance, you can almost picture it: hands raised, eyes closed, soaking up the euphoria, the emotion, and the absolute unadulterated carnage that preceded it.

Deadmau5 fans will love this. Period. For anyone that thought the success that came with his debut releases was a one off… think again. While to some it might just be more of the same, they’re only half right. Zimmerman has brought something fresh to the table over the last few years, and while there isn’t a massive deviation from the first album, the follow up here stands up as one of dance music’s albums of the year. He’s on to another winner, and I know one punter who cannot wait to see him demolish more Australian crowds this summer. Bring. It. On.

Check out the tracklisting…

01. FML

02. Moar Ghosts n stuff

03. Ghosts n Stuff (feat. Rob Swire)

04. Hi Friend!

05. Bot

06. Word Problems

07. Soma

08. Lack Of A Better Name

09. The 16th Hour

10. Strobe

Deadmau5 will be here for Stereosonic, inthemix is a proud presenting partner in 2009! Keep your eyes peeled to our Festival Page at inthemix.com.au/stereosonic for more announcements coming soon and check out the national tour dates below…

Sat 28th November – Moore Park, Hordern, RHI & Surrounds, Sydney

Sun 29th November – Claremont Showground, Perth

Sat 5th December – Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne

Sat 5th December – Bonython Park, Adelaide

Sun 6th December – Eagle Farm Racecourse, Brisbane