Deadmau5 cameos in new Dave Grohl-directed video

You might recall the ‘dance’ segment from last year’s Grammys ceremony, which crammed its share of eyebrow-raisers into seven minutes and 41 seconds. There was David Guetta’s DJ miming, the uneasy comeback of Chris Brown, Deadmau5 ‘live remixing’ the Foo Fighters and, best of all, Dave Grohl self-consciously head-nodding to Raise Your Weapon.

Now Grohl and the man in the mau5-head, Joel Zimmerman, have teamed up again. This time, it’s the Grohl-directed video for Seattle rock outfit Soundgarden. The band rolls into a club on Segways, shuts down a laptop DJ, plays some grizzled rock, then falls foul of Deadmau5 cameo-ing as a cop. Moral of the story?