Deadmau5 calls DJs “f*cking c*nts”

Canadian production prodigy Deadmau5 has a reputation for rubbing people up the wrong way, and he’s done himself no favours whatsoever with his latest outburst which is likely to alienate even more fans of his music.

Speaking with Ireland’s Daily Star ahead of shows he played there last month, Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) took DJs to task. “They’re fucking cunts,” he ranted. “I don’t really see the technical merit in playing two songs at the same speed together.”

Deadmau5 is in the midst of a world tour to promote the release of his debut LP, Random Album Title, which sees him playing live shows with his famous ** The tour will visit Australia early in 2009 as part of the Good Vibrations Festival, and it’s got a lot of dance fans quite excited.

It’s both ironic and amusing that Deadmau5 holds such disdain for the very people who’ve made him a cult star in the dance scene, with DJs worldwide having voted him #1 in five categories at this year’s Beatport Music Awards. Just last week he was also **

”[DJs are] my number one customer, right, so I’m not gonna go diss every fucking DJ,” he rationalised. “But to say you become this massive… performer by playing other people’s productions at the same speed as someone else’s productions and fading between the two of them, I don’t get it.”

inthemix interviewed Deadmau5 recently, and you can hear part of the conversation in our latest podcast. Stay tuned for the full interview in the coming weeks!