Deadmau5: “ASOT is about as much ‘trance’ as Nelson Mandela is indie punk”

UPDATED: With full story.

Serial antagonist Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman might still be basking in the glory of a successful Gumball rally (which saw the producer and co-pilot Tory Belleci take away the Spirit of the Gumball trophy), but he’s back up to his old tricks on Twitter, and this time his target is “trance.”

It all started with a tweet from dance site Stoney Roads, asking, “Ever listen to a super vocal trance tune and just think ‘hell yea’,” to which Zimmerman replied, “No …wouldnt really call that trance. Trance died in the late 90’s unfortunately. Thanks a lot binary finary. ๐Ÿ™ RIP platypus rec.”

Heritage UK trance act Binary Finary took exception to this, tweeting back, “Ignorant comment considering Trance Genre is bigger than ever.” A back-and-forth Twitter war ensued between the two acts (which you can read in full below), with Zimmerman also turning his sights of Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance series, tweeting, “ASOT is about as much ‘trance’ as Nelson Mandela is indie punk.”

“Anyone else remember ‘trance’?” Zimmerman followed-up with. “I’m thinking like, Union Jack… Art of Trance… Etc. You know, old people music,” before clarifying, “Settle down kids, I’m not picking fights. Love what u want. The version of ‘trance’ in my head is more antiquated than adagio for strings k?”

van Buuren waded into the fray the next morning, tweeting (now deleted), “why don’t you come and play #ASOT700 and show us what “trance” is? Or backing out again?” to which Zimmerman replied, “thanks for the kind offer, but no thanks. I’m not really into trance all that much. just 1 opinion of 6.5 billion others,” and, well, you can follow the whole amusing exchange below.

In the meantime, we’re holding out for the still-to-come Gumball 3000 road movie. Check out the mini-teaser, soundtracked by selections from While (1<2), over here.