Deadmau5 takes on the “asshat” who ripped off his cube set-up

If you’re going to rip off Deadmau5, at least do it right.

That’s the lesson production manager Erik Fink is learning today, after Joel Zimmerman fired off a series of tweets at the Texan accusing him of jacking the mau5’s famous cube set-up for show in Austin.

Trouble began when a Twitter user alerted Zimmerman to set-up suspiciously similar to his own. But aside from the “massive lack in creativity in electronic music production,” Joel’s biggest gripe is the poor quality of the imitation. “The thing that pisses me off the most is that he used chauvet LED panels. Get that shit outta here,” he tweeted.

“It’s pretty frustrating to spend millions of dollars on an idea that sets you apart only to be poorly replicated by someone else. much less the insane amount of manhours, technology, and development that went into it. It’s heartbreaking really.”

While Fink has owned the error – “No one else had any involvement in this. No artists or anyone else. The hate, blame and whatever else is on me,” he tweeted back – Deadmau5 didn’t miss the opportunity to stick it to his old sparring mates Krewella. “Plot twist: he was actually krewellas old tour manager,” he said of Fink. “something about an apple and a tree and how far it falls or some shit.”

Away from social media, Deadmau5 has been busy steadily unveiling tracks from his still-untitled forthcoming album, with two new ones appearing on the net last week. During the last episode (for now) of his Beats 1 radio show, Zimmerman also confirmed he’s been prepping a new compilation called Mau50100, which will feature contributions from Com Truise, Feed Me, Lane 8, Dimension and ATTLAS.

Take another look at the original incarnation of the cube, as captured by BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe back in 2010, below.