Datsik’s new “massive vortex” live show

Our list of must-see live shows has been getting a steady flow of new entries in 2012. As well as Deadmau5’s ever-impressive stage get-up, we’re itching for a glimpse of Feed Me’s ‘With Teeth’ show, Squarepusher’s lauded LED display and bass-bender Sub Focus’ new set-up. Now, we’ve got another inductee to the hall of bright lights and big budgets: this time, it’s Canadian dubstep sensation Datsik. His idea? To DJ from inside a giant vortex.

“I was mulling over ideas and came up with this really cool concept…like a massive vortex, with all the visuals spiralling inward towards me,” Datsik told Billboard. “It’s really trippy. It looks like I’m floating in the middle of this concoction.” With the images projected from both in front and behind of the DJ booth, the bass-bender explained that the resulting visuals “look seamless, really unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I basically wanted to make the trippiest possible thing I could, and this is the idea that came to mind.”

“I’m in the middle of all these visuals that are swirling inwards, pulsing. I look above me, to my left, to my right—everywhere around me, there’s visuals. It’s really weird but really cool at the same time. But I’ve got to make sure I’m focused on what I’m doing, otherwise a) I’ll fall over or b) have a seizure.”

But while a lot of our must-see live show list is over the horizon at the moment, the good news is that Datsik has a bunch of Australian dates already locked in with Stereosonic. Fingers crossed, we’ll get a peep of the tripped-out visuals then.