Datsik has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women

This article discusses sexual assault.

A number of women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault and rape against Canadian producer and Firepower Records head Datsik.

Allegations began circulating online this morning, after Twitter user @_princessjay shared a Facebook thread in which some women accused Datsik — real name Troy Beetles — of forcing himself on fans while they were intoxicated.

The thread prompted a number of other women to share their own alleged experiences with the producer — with some of the accusations also implicating his current touring partner Space Jesus.

Some women began posting images of Access All Areas passes that they had allegedly been given by Datsik’s manager. The passes read ‘Tulsa’, which backwards reads ‘a slut’ — a reference to a joke Datsik once made on Twitter. Datsik’s tweets about ‘Tulsa’ were deleted this morning, but some users managed to screenshot them.

Datsik has since denied the allegations on Twitter, writing that he would “never bend anyone against their will” and “this shit is detrimental to my persona”.

“There have been recent allegations against me for things I have not done,” the producer wrote. “I’m a vibe reader, I hang out with a ton of people after every show, and always keep a positive vibe. I would never bend anyone against their will and I mean that shit.

“These claims are shaking me to my core. This type of shit is detrimental to my persona as I truly take pride in being myself and being honest. It really breaks my heart when people feel upset at the end of the day because I am a good person and would never taken advantage of anyone. I don’t condone that kind of behaviour and I care about every single person that I meet. I know this is a sensitive subject and I am also a sensitive dude, so please say what you must but honestly I want you to that this shit means the world to me. This is my life and my passion as I know it.

“I care so much about my fans and my music and what you all think of me. I will make a bigger effort to make sure that nothing I do will be misinterpreted in the future.”

He also claimed that the ‘Tulsa’ passes had been “written by a fucking tool on tour”, who was subsequently fired.

Read the full post from Datsik below.

People have since called for Datsik’s removal from this year’s EDC line-up. Some fellow producers — including Sydney’s Alison Wonderland — have responded to the situation on Twitter.