Darude is back on the charts thanks to Peking Duk

By now, you’ve probably seen the video of Peking Duk dropping Darude at Stereosonic. With the original upload boasting almost 200,00 plays, the video’s certainly gone far and wide in the week it’s been live. But YouTube isn’t the only place people have been indulging in a bit of Sandstorm nostalgia – Peking Duk’s viral manouvre has even pushed Darude back onto the charts.

Head to the iTunes dance charts now, and you’ll see Sandstorm sitting pretty in the #18 spot, a whole 15 years after it was first released. Darude isn’t just outranking the likes of David Guetta, Zhu, Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki to be there – believe it or not, Sandstorm is even sitting one spot above Peking Duk’s own multi-platinum smash High. If things keep going like this, we might get that Darude tour after all.

As those front and centre at Stereosonic could tell you, Darude wasn’t the only high-profile ‘visitor’ to Peking Duk’s festival slot. The boys also somehow managed to convince national treasure Karl Stefanovic to intro their mainstage set with the confession that he loves “nothing more than getting absolutely Peking Duk-d at a music festival.” Watch that right here.