“Dafuqs yer problem?” Deadmau5 responds to Arcade Fire’s dance music dig

On Sunday night of Coachella’s weekend one, indie heroes Arcade Fire closed the main stage, while over at the Sahara stage, the festival’s dance massive raged to Duck Sauce. During their set, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler called out the “fake VIP room bullshit” happening at the festival, before slyly shouting out “all the bands playing instruments this weekend.” The following weekend, the band’s set featured a cameo from a pair of Daft Punk impersonators performing a slow jam version of Get Lucky, confirming the feeling that this isn’t a group enamoured with dance music.

Butler’s dig has turned the head of a guy never afraid to speak his mind: Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5. The producer took to Twitter today with a rebuttal to the “all the bands playing instruments” line, making his case for electronic acts before “some fucking hipster throws a hackeysack at me.” Of course, this being Zimmerman, his defence comes with an acerbic edge that doesn’t exactly celebrate the EDM brigade. (In fact, opera emerges as the hero here.)

“I don’t expect to see Daft Punk pull a Steve Vai on stage,” he quipped, referencing the guitar virtuoso. “I expect to listen to some decent music ‘n see cool robots. No problem.” You can see the full Twitter response below.

Meanwhile, over at the Deadmau5 Live site, Zimmerman has uploaded another ‘Coffee Run’, this time with Canadian comic Kenny Hotz, one half of cult favorite show Kenny vs. Spenny. In their trip to Tim Hortons, the pair revel in some bad taste humor, bond over the genius of Kraftwerk and discuss Zimmerman’s plans to move to the country. He also gives his philosophy on keeping the touring life fulfilling: “I’ve kinda found this inner Zen of switching it up and doing things differently.” [Article photo by Rukes.]