Daft Punk world tour slated for 2010-2011

In the wake of last week’s ‘Daft Punk in Shanghai’ fiasco, the legendary French duo have released a public statement denouncing the ticketing scam while at the same time revealing the next time they’ll hit the road will be for a world tour in 2010-2011.

“The band are not touring this year, and at no point were they approached for this show, and at no point was there ever a possibility that they would do such a show,” read the statement, posted on Daft Punk’s official Facebook fan page.

“The band’s representatives are currently looking into what future action can be taken regarding the fraudsters responsible for the current scam,” it continued, before leaving the reader with one rather tasty bit of info. “Daft Punk look forward to visiting and performing in China as part of their next world tour, in 2010 or 2011.”

Midway through 2008 inthemix broke the story that the duo were back in the studio and working on new material, following an interview with their now-ex manager Busy P. “The boys are in a studio in Paris at the moment,” Busy P told ITM at the time. “And I can’t wait to listen to their new stuff! The good thing is that they are making music at the moment.”

A new Daft Punk album and a world tour in the foreseeable future? Let’s just hope they factor Australia in to their travel plans, after the outright hysteria of their December 2007 visit we think we’ve calmed down enough to do it all again.