Did Daft Punk just turn up at Burning Man?

“Daft Punk played a secret set at Burning Man” is a line you’ve probably heard before.

Over the years, rumours of an appearance on the playa by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo have become so predictable it’s basically a punchline. There’ve been fake sets and viral videos of faux helmeted DJs in action but, as yet, no actual confirmation that the French icons have ever made the trip to the Nevada desert.

Which means we’ll take reports today that Daft Punk have been sighted at Black Rock City with a grain of salt. A source on the ground has sent inthemix photos of two DJs in Daft Punk helmets playing a set at “the fence” — a spot on the far reaches of the playa that Burners have joked about seeing the Robots at for years.

Depending who you ask, it’s either something of a Burning Man running gag to try and dupe new Burners into riding far out to the festival’s trash fence in the hopes of catching a Daft Punk set, or a tradition for the pair to actually show up each year for a mix.

According to the Burner who got in touch with inthemix, two helmeted DJs were “escorted by security and a few camera cars” to an art car called Disco Fish and came on shortly after midnight. However, imitation Daft Punks have tried to fool crowds at the trash fence in previous years, and there’s nothing to verify the reports.

The question is: do you want to believe? Take a look at the photos and make up your own mind below.