Daft Punk just dropped a stack of awesome new merchandise

Struggling for a Christmas gift idea for the Daft Punk obsessive in your life? Then you’re in luck – as Pitchfork pointed out, the dynamic robot duo has just dropped another selection of fresh merchandise on their official website, accompanied by typically rad ‘70s throwback posters.

If you’re already got the Daft Punk t-shirt, belt buckle, coffee cup, poster set and tote bag, then now you can really go all-out with slavish devotion and buy the Daft Punk Yo-Yo (US$18), the Frisbee (US$16), NASA-designed Space Pen (US$50), New Era fitted cap (US$40), or even the Daft Punk [email protected] figurines (US$70).

Check out the posters for the sweet ‘70s-flavoured merch below, and hit the official Daft Punk website to get your hands on them.

Meanwhile, a group of optimists in France has started a Facebook campaign to implore the Robots to reprise their 1997 and 2007 Alive tours in 2017 – you can put your name to that movement over here.

daft_punk_yoyo daft_punk_frisbee daft_punk_new_era


daft-punk-buttons daft-punk-space_pen daft-punk-hoodie daft-punk-bear-bricks