Daft Punk confirm collaborators at Coachella

Despite Sony’s insistent denials, rumours that Daft Punk would be making their return at Coachella have been bubbling away for the better part of a year. Today, the legendary festival kicked off in California’s Indio Valley, and it turns out the robots did have something in store for the Coachella crowd after all. No, they didn’t grace the stage themselves. Rather, camp Daft Punk aired a 90-odd second teaser (their longest yet), this one confirming the A-list cast of collaborators they assembled for Random Access Memories.

On ground at Coachella, inthemix passed the empty marquee where trap stars TNGHT were due to play in 20 odd minutes. Suddenly the screens flared with the Daft Punk logo, then the sight of Pharrell Williams jamming with the robots while that same familiar hook used in the pair’s earlier Saturday Night Live teasers played. Then, the screen scrolled the with impressive list of collaborators the Frenchmen have brought on board: DJ Falcon, Panda Bear, The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, Pharrell Williams as well as, of course, Nile Rodgers all getting a mention. Cue screams from all directions and within minutes, the tent was full with punters raising the false alarm, calling their friends to tell them Daft Punk were on their way. It wasn’t to be – Lunice gave a wave at the full house as the stage was set, and TNGHT’s set got underway as planned.

Naturally, at least a couple of members of the crowd got the teaser on tape – see it for yourself below. You’ll be able to get your hands on Random Access Memories from May 17, but not before the town of Wee Waa hosts the global album launch party earlier that night. Consider us hyped.