Dada Life broke the ‘World’s Biggest Pillow Fight’ record and yes, there’s video

Swedish electro-house duo Dada Life are well known for outrageous crowd interaction at their shows, being big fans of banana-hurling, champagne-spraying and pillow fights. When inthemix spoke to them recently they revealed that they were planning to set the world record for the biggest ever pillow fight at their upcoming show in Chicago.

“We’ve tried out this pillow fight before and the most we’ve done is 800 pillows,” Stefan Engblom and Olle Corneer told us. “This time to break the record we need to have more than 3,700 pillows. I think we’re going to aim for maybe four-and-a-half thousand pillows?”

And that’s exactly what they did at the Freaky Deaky V Halloween party in Chicago on Saturday night, officially setting the record for the largest ever pillow fight on record (see the photo above with the evidence).

There hasn’t been an official video released yet of the world record breaking pummel-fest, but the shaky fan-shot video below gives you a pretty accurate idea of what it’s like to be in the centre of the world’s biggest pillow fight. Try it for yourself when Dada Life bring their absurdist live show to Future Music Festival next March.