Crookers: Twisted Club Music

Phra and Bot are Crookers, the Italian duo who came together in 2003 and quickly carved out a big name for themselves. Most would already be familiar with their music – an eclectic mix of electro, rap, house and trance that has seen them consistently fill floors and sell out gigs across the globe. We caught up with the slightly groggy (hell, he had just stepped off the plane from a 20 gig tour of the U.S. 6 hours prior) but ever-friendly Phra about the new Crookers album, an upcoming Australian tour with Stereosonic and why vinyl still rules the world.

Thanks for talking with inthemix, Phra. So how is life treating Crookers at the moment?

Life is treating Crookers really well, but jet-lag is treating me really shit! I’m almost dying actually. We just got back from a US tour, we’ve been touring for about four weeks and I only arrived home about six hours ago.

Ah – so you need a little sleep, I’ll try not to make this too painful for you.

Yeah, I need a little sleep!

So whereabouts are you? How was your US tour?

I’m in Switzerland now. The US tour was great, it was a huge tour. We sold out New York and L.A, Chicago, Toronto and Mexico City, and we also played some of the smaller places, like Phoenix, as well. We did something like 20 gigs in 18 days!

And how were the crowds in The States?

Yeah, they were great. I thought that they might be getting used to more commercial pop kind of stuff, which is kind of boring for me. But we went there to play our new stuff, and the new album, and the crowds were really open-minded and really into it. And this was the first time we ever played it! It was really cool to see people who knew songs from the EP that had only been out a few months. They were really nice crowds.

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