Crisis averted? David Guetta produced U2 record nixed

Late last year inthemix sat you down, gave you a mug of earl grey and let you know that the inevitable had indeed happened; Irish stadium rockers U2 were looking to regain some cool points with “the kids” and had tapped French house hitmaker David Guetta to help them produce a ‘club record’ with help from electro jacker Will.i.Am.

While you’ve probably been stocking up on supplies for your fallout shelter since then we can now tell you that things might not be going so smoothly for such a union with word out that plans for the rock legends’ club record have stalled recently when sessions with another ubiquitous collaborator RedOne (records for Lady Gaga, Little Boots and more) went south.

“We had to have a meeting and look at the schedule to see if we could pick up any extra time to work on it,” U2 bassist Adam Clayton told Rolling Stone this month after the sessions proved problematic. “We just realised that we couldn’t [do it]…to be honest, everyone was a bit gutted. But it was the only sensible decision (to postpone it).”

It’s believed that all parties consoled themselves with a Scrooge McDuck style swim in their respective money pools.