Craze’s six golden rules for DJs

Anyone can press play, but few can DJ quite like Craze. The three time World DMC Champion is renowned as one of the world’s best behind the decks, he’s the guy other DJs want to be and one of the legends keeping the art of turntablism alive. He’s also not averse to showing off his skills – just check out the famous New Slaves routine to see what we mean – and he’s all about sharing the knowledge. To celebrate his upcoming Australian tour, the Miami hero told us his six golden rules for DJs. Abide these and you’ll be burning up dancefloors in no time.


Nowadays a lot of producers-slash-DJs are lacking originality. This comes from them wanting to have the best reaction to their sets, so what producers/DJs tend to do is play the most popular tunes and act the same way. They get the reaction they want, but at the end of the day you can’t tell them apart, and that’s corny.


Practice makes perfect! Plain and simple.


If you’re an opening DJ do not – I repeat DO NOT – try to play the most banging set of your life. You’re the fluffer of the party. Get them warm and ready to go when the headlining DJ comes on. Don’t take it as a bad thing either, I love not being the headliner sometimes because I get to play a lot of new shit and test new ideas out. Same thing goes if you’re the headliner – if you’re not known for being innovative and trendsetting do not play like it at peak hour. The crowd wants to rage so give them what they want, and kick some ass!


A good DJ knows his surroundings. If the crowd ain’t feeling what you doing, switch it up. Don’t force feed them more than one or two songs at a time. This is one of the main problems with the producer who is now a DJ: he knows nothing about how to read a crowd and in turn, doesn’t know how to control the vibe of the room. Don’t be that guy!


We’re all guilty of having our “go to” mixes and sometimes it’s needed, but sometimes you end up playing the same mix over and over again (I, too, am guilty of this sometimes). Refreshing your playlists weekly forces you to play newer stuff and in turn keep your sets fresher and updated…what a real DJ is supposed to do.


And last but not least! Some DJs have the super power of being able to rock parties sober. These amazing humans are hard to find, but the rest of us need some liquid courage to get us on the same wavelength as the party. A couple of drinks gets you loose and you’re ready to be a rock star…but if you don’t know your limit, you can be a complete and total idiot. Know your limit!