Craig David’s cover of ‘Where Are Ü Now’ puts Bieber to shame

Get ready for the return of the chin-strap beard, because it looks like ‘90s UK Garage star Craig David is back on form.

The British singer – who you may remember from such 2 Step classics as Re-Rewind – recently stepped into the Radio 1Xtra studio with MistaJam to premiere a couple of new tunes and showcase some garage classics.

And while he was there, he snuck in a cover of Jack Ü and Justin Bieber’s Where Are Ü Now using the vocals from his 2000 hit Fill Me In…and damn if he doesn’t murder it, complete with a rapid-fire 16 bar verse. Watch the clip below to see MistaJam and Craig David’s squad lose their shit all over the studio – even Skrillex tweeted his appreciation for the cover (as you’ll see below).