Cosmic Gate: “People should have their ears and eyes open”

When Cosmic Gate visited Australia in 2011, they hosted an inthemix house party that had the crowd dancing on (dining) tables, crowd-surfing through the living room and even leaving “shoe-prints on the ceiling”. In short, it was a pretty crazy night. When they weren’t rocking the suburbs, Bossi and Nic Chagall joined Sander van Doorn at the helm of the Future Music Festival trance arena for what was a whirlwind couple of weeks.

Over a year later, Cosmic Gate flew back for headline shows to mark the release of the duo’s eighth album Wake Your Mind. This March, the guys are back on a new assignment, leading the Wake Your Mind stage at Future Music Festival with some of their talented friends. We got the lowdown from Bossi.

With so many genres out there, what made you guys gravitate to trance and hard trance?

Honestly, we were producing music for a few years and we were just producing music that we liked. Back in ‘98 when we produced The Drums and ‘99 when we produced Fire Wire and Exploration of Space it was simply how we felt during the time. Hip hop was never an option for us and simply, this was the music that we felt at the time. And in 2011 with Wake Your Mind, we always just produce what our stomach and heart tells us. We never go like this is the hip music now or whatever, we just follow our intuition and what we think is proper music that we would like to listen to.

In the ten or so years since your first album to 2011’s Wake Your Mind, have you noticed a difference in the trance scene, in respect to the producers and the crowd? For example the trance you hear now to what you guys were making ten years ago?

You know how many things happen in ten years, there are a lot of different chapters. The studios are totally different. It was like analogue and synthesisers from computer samples when we produced the first album, while in these ten, twelve years, everything is digital. We just work with plug-ins – there’s no more big synthesisers. The whole market thing of music is totally different, all the social media these days is changing face a lot.

The whole market has really changed a lot too, so you really can’t compare these times. I think the music’s sounding the same like it would, imagine producing a track in 1998, it wouldn’t work out…there are a lot of changes every year or two. Music after ten years sounds totally different, but we still think that we have our Cosmic Gate signature in the tracks.

How did Emma Hewitt come to be in the picture?

The first track we did with her of course was Not Enough Time and she had only done one house track before. Our record company in England said, “I have someone here, she might fit you guys.” We really liked her voice. As soon as we were in contact and she sent over Not Enough Time, we were like, “Wow, this fits so good”, and then we started to meet Emma.

She’s such an incredible talent and a super sweet person, and we get along so well with each other. There was this special chemistry somehow between us working together and this maybe even got a little better in Be Your Sound.

Can trance fans out there expect a new album coming soon?

No, unfortunately it’s not an album coming soon. We always need a break for like a year and a half after the release of an album to get our minds free and to not produce the same stuff. It has to sound different; it has to be a different kind of time. We always need like two years or something to get things together.

We’re going to start being in the studio again soon, but at first it’s going to be like two singles or something. It’s not going to be a new album too soon. New tracks but not a new album, because a new album is like twelve new tracks and this is impossible with the schedule we have at the moment.

What can fans at Future expect? New music?

We’re going to make a nice combination of the live show with Emma, we’re going to play some brand new club tunes, we’re going to play some classics, we’re most likely going to play one or two new songs of ours that we’re going to just demo and stuff. So people should just have their eyes and ears open to what we do.

One more question just before I wrap it up, if you could play at any event in the world, where would it be and why?

That’s really a question I can’t answer. This is, like, impossible. There are so many good clubs and good festivals that we have a lot of fun at, we have friends around, the sunshine…but for sure Australia is top three of the list. Is this a good answer? [Laughs]

I’m pretty sure all of the trance fans around out there will appreciate that answer.

Australia for sure is top three on the list, but I’m not going to say you guys are number one, that wouldn’t be fair to a few others. There are so, so many. Singapore is amazing, Los Angeles is fantastic, New York is always off the hook. Ibiza has this special vibe and there are so many awesome places. We go to South Africa – Cape Town is a fantastic city with a good crowd. So there is simply too many to give any the number one spot.

We love having you guys here.

We’re always extremely happy when we come back to Australia. It’s huge fun and you guys are always super friendly, we get along with the Australians really well. We always enjoy the time to the max and we can’t wait.

The Cosmic Gate ‘Wake Your Mind’ stage is touring Future Music Festival with Andy Moor, W&W, Tydi, Super8 & Tab and Ben Gold.