Cops seize thousands of Red Bull cans

Earlier this year ITM reported on the startling news that a German variant of the Red Bull energy drink had been seized by police due to trace levels of cocaine being found in each can. It would seem as though the club staple is not quite what it seems with news emerging from India that authorities over there have similarly confiscated a horde of Red Bull cans due to excessive caffeine levels.

According to DNAIndia, Indian authorities raided a private warehouse in a Bhiwandi village, grabbing over 30,000 cans of Red Bull suspected of containing above-the-limit levels of caffeine.

“We have seized as many as 37,806 cans of Red Bull,” Food and Drugs Administrator Dhanaraj Khamatkar explained of the haul. “We suspect the stock we have seized exceeds the permissible limits of caffeine…we had earlier sent the company a notice to withdraw the stock, which contains caffeine more than the permissible limits. We believe that most of the stock does contain caffeine to the tune of 300 PPM (parts per million). But in spite of the notice, the energy drink was released in the market.”

It would seem as though Red Bull deprived Indian clubbers will just have to get their energy spikes the old fashioned ‘Manchester’ way’