Come work with us! Junkee Media is hiring 13 new roles

Junkee Media — inthemix’s parent company, who also publish Junkee, TheVine, FasterLouder, AWOL and The Cusp — are hiring for 13 news roles, as part of a phase of rapid expansion.

Many of the roles are in Junkee’s editorial department, with a Staff Writer job at Junkee, the position of AWOL Editor and three producer gigs at TheVine all up for grabs. We’re also hiring for a new Native Editor, Film & Video Editor and Executive Lifestyle Editor.

New roles in our Studio team include Creative Lead, Events & Marketing Executive, Production Coordinator and Senior Account Manager.

The roles are:

– Staff Writer, Junkee
– Multimedia Producer/ Writer, TheVine
– Multimedia Producer/ Video Editor, TheVine
– Weekend Producer, TheVine (Freelance)
– Events & Marketing Executive
– Native Editor
– Editor, AWOL
– Executive Lifestyle Editor
– Film & Video Editor
– Production Coordinator
– Producer
– Senior Account Manager, AWOL
– Creative Lead

We’re looking for smart, creative and switched-on people who understand Junkee Media’s 18 to 35-year-old audience, know the difference between clickable stories and clickbait, are brimming with ideas and well-versed in social media.

The roles are based between our Sydney and Melbourne offices. More info on each of the roles – including how to apply – can be found on the Junkee Media website.

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