Classixx: Our 5 All-Time Favourite Music Videos

LA’s super smooth nu-disco duo Classixx post a lot of music video clips onto their blog: things they’ve discovered; things that are inspiring them; things with Gene Simmons’ tongue. As the pair prepare to return to Australia for Listen Out festival this month, we asked Michael and Tyler to give us a list of their top five all-time most inspirational music video clips, revealing an (unsurprising) obsession with both synths and classic pop and soul. Put them in your eyes.

#1 Chaka Khan performing ‘Whatcha Gonna Do For Me’ live

“I love this clip for a number of reasons. Firstly, the song is amazing. Originally written by Ned Doheny, who I’ve been listening to a lot of lately. Her voice is so impressive to me – absolute control, but so explosive. Her band is also made up of talented rippers.” (Michael)

#2 Deniece Williams performing ‘Free’ on Soul Train

“I’ve been listening to Deniece Williams records a lot recently. I think she’s an underrated American songwriter, and I wish I was at this taping of Soul Train. Everybody is in the midst of a stone groove and Deniece is just sparkling on stage, even though it’s a pre-recorded vocal. I think it would be cool to have a place where you can do Soul Train Karaoke, which would just be mouthing along to your favourite songs on a stage instead of singing.” (Michael)

*#3 Edgar Froese – ‘Sobornost’

“Tyler and I are both huge Tangerine Dream fans, and this is a really perfect video. He’s just wearing aviators in a weird setting playing with his modulars. I can listen to weird sequencey stuff for hours, and he does it about as well as anyone. If you are into this, check out Laurie Spiegel videos. Her stuff is a little bit more clinical, but also fantastic.” (Michael)

#4 Stevie Nicks – ‘Wild Heart’

“This is a video of Stevie adorably singing along to a rough demo of ‘Wild Heart’ while getting her make-up done for a Rolling Stone photo-shoot. I actually like this version better than the version that was released.” (Tyler)

#5 Gary Numan – ‘Cars’

“Great synth-work on this tune, and love the old video effects in this clip. Cool solo performance piece and arguably where Daft Punk might have gotten the idea for their pyramid.” (Tyler)

Listen Out dates and venues

SYDNEY – Saturday September 28 at Centennial Park

PERTH – Sunday September 29 at Ozone Reserve

MELBOURNE – Saturday October 5 at Observatory Precinct, Royal Botanic Gardens

BRISBANE – Sunday October 6 at Cultural Forecourt, Southbank