Chemical Brothers feat. The Klaxons – All Rights Reserved

This third single to be lifted from the Chemical Brothers’ recent sixth album We Are The Night certainly sees their recent trend of targeting the more collaboration-based tracks amongst the tracklisting for single duties continuing, and indeed, it’s indicative of their ongoing crossover position between ‘dance’ and more mainstream audiences. While it’s perhaps curious that Tom and Ed haven’t been tempted to opt for one of the album’s stellar psychedelic instrumentals such as the storming Saturate (originally released in white label Electronic Battle Weapon form), All Rights Reversed seems guaranteed to earn them plenty of attention in its own right, featuring as it does current UK indie/nu-rave hype magnets Klaxons on vocals and guitars.

While the fusion of electronically processed guitar textures and Klaxon frontman Jamie Reynolds’ lazy-sounding vocals are certainly indicative of the underlying indie aesthetic that’s increasingly evident on the aforementioned album, it also shows the Chems making a semi-return towards breaks, a genre that they haven’t dabbled in for quite some time. It certainly supplies all the suitably huge-sounding stadium vibes that the Brothers have built their reputation upon, complete with disorienting FX and sudden reverb-heavy synth crashes during the chorus, but while it provides a suitably catchy slice of midtempo electro-breaks driven pop, it somehow just falls short of the epic climax that they’re clearly aiming for. There are certainly various B-sides and remixes associated with this latest single too, but sadly, given my threadbare single track promo CDR… I can’t tell you if they’re any good.