Check out Pacha’s epic new 2015 shows and residents

Pacha Sydney is going all out to stake its claim as Australia’s best club this year, with a set of new residents for 2015 – Tigerlily, Marlo and Timmy Trumpet – and four new shows making use of the Pacha dancers and the club’s full production technology.

To design those shows, they’ve also brought in a brand new Creative Direction team, The Squared Division, a pair of Australian choreographers and directors who’ve designed stage shows for stadium tours by the likes of Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Ke$ha – so you know the shows are going to be ambitious and impressive. We asked the duo – Antony Ginandiar and Ashley Evans – to talk us through their plans for this season’s shows.

You’ve worked on some massive pop shows in the past – what’s been the biggest undertaking?

It would definitely have to be working with Britney Spears on her Las Vegas residency ‘Piece of Me’ at Planet Hollywood. We had something like 21 numbers to choreograph with only two weeks prep time before rehearsing the dancers. Working on a custom built stage, incorporating technologies like motion sensor front projection on all the costumes, and creating unique props that look like something out of a Cirque show, really takes time to workshop and refine. The process was exciting and challenging at the same time. We had to re-invent the look and feel of moves that were already classified as ‘iconic’. It was surreal to put our own spin on classics like Slave 4 U and Baby One More Time – a real “pinch yourself” moment!

What have been the advantages or challenges of working with the Pacha space, and the dancers and artists?

The biggest advantage for us is that because it is an adults only environment we are able to let our imagination run wild and are not confined to ‘safe’ ideas. We can be risqué and controversial and it’s OK! Like any project, you must think about the technical requirements of the space you’re working in. Our ideas are sometimes very grand so trying to pull them off technically in a unique space like ivy needs a lot of thought – how to fit large props into the room, how to store them when they are not being used, how to ring large sets or even fly performers over the audience.

Tell us a little bit more about the Private Parts show…

‘Private Parts’ paints the picture of an ultra-modern, neon colour-filled Parisian peep show. There’s UV reactive paint dripping on exposed skin, front projection on semi-naked bodies and a pair of giant sexy female legs with fuchsia stilettos towering five metres over the audience. These are just some of the treats you’re in for.

How about the Objektophilie show?

This night is inspired by the German word Objektophilie meaning Object Sexuality – a pronounced emotional and often romantic desire to develop significant relationships with particular inanimate objects. So we have taken this notion and fused it with surrealism. It’s all about shapes, geometry and of course fabulous haute couture fashion! Scared of heights? Well, we also have a Guinness Book of Records tightrope walker, so keep your wits about you as he balances above your head on the dance floor!

And the Maison de Fous show?

One of our personal favourite shows, this night takes us on a journey through a twisted and visually-confronting French Madhouse at the turn of the century. With fetish nurses pushing fashion victims around in wheelchairs, the pool club is transformed into a hydrotherapy room while the Main Stage resembles a haunting cathedral.

And finally Tigerlily’s show, ‘Kiss My Tigerlily’ – how did you incorporate those fantastical elements of her image?

Well let’s first list some of the fantastical elements she likes… Space, pizzas, unicorns, kitty cats, mermaids, cupcakes, glitter, donuts, emojis, rainbows, waves… need to take a breath for a second! The list goes on. How did we incorporate them ALL you ask? There is only one crazy way to do it…put ‘em all together, mix them around in a fantastical intergalactic melting pot of fabulous irrational juxtaposition, and voila… Kiss My Tigerlily!