Chaos reigns as De La Soul’s Sydney show branded the “worst gig ever”

UPDATE: Promoters PSV Touring have blamed De La Soul for the show’s cancellation.

Punters have branded De La Soul’s Sydney show “a total disaster” and the “worst gig ever” after logistical issues forced the band to stop their set after just 10 minutes.

The hip-hop legends were scheduled to start their set at 10.30pm on Friday night at the Greenwood Hotel, but delays meant the band didn’t take the stage until 11.50pm – just 10 minutes before North Sydney’s strict noise curfew took effect and ended their performance prematurely. inthemix writer Jim Poe was at the show and reported that the delay was down to “a lot of highly visible logistical problems”.

During sound check – which started 45 minutes after De La Soul’s set was due to begin – band member Vincent ‘Maseo’ Lamont Mason Jr got on the microphone to take aim at the venue and promoters. “He said the band’s morale was gone after being treated so badly all day, and at that point all they wanted to do was play for the fans,” Poe reported. “I believe him; his deep frustration was apparent, and it seemed like he was doing his best to get the show going.”

Things reportedly went from bad to worse after the sound was cut: “I saw Maseo onstage yelling at a promoter who tried to get in his face. As the crowd booed the promoter, I observed security guards being really aggressive and basically picking fights with frustrated fans,” Poe said. “The worst thing of all was that no one representing the promoters or the venue got onstage or on the mic to explain to fans what was going on. It was literally one minute the show was on, next minute the sound was dead and we just had to figure it out, with guards yelling at us to leave.”

Punters have taken to the show’s Facebook event to vent their unhappiness, with some calling the night the “worst gig ever”.

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But so far, no one is taking the blame for the cancelled gig. Both The Greenwood Hotel and promoters Funkdafied have issued statements stating they weren’t at fault, while in a statement provided to inthemix Red Bull Music Academy have said they are “working with the touring agency to determine the exact details of the events that occurred.”

“We are disappointed that the fans were unable to enjoy the performance in full. All ticket-holders have been offered a full refund and we will work with Moshtix to ensure these are completed in a timely matter,” Red Bull told inthemix.

In their statement, the Greenwood Hotel say the events that transpired were “out of the hands of the promoters and out of the venue and venue management’s control”. Promoters Funkdafied, who were subcontracted to sell tickets to the event, say they are “as disappointed as everyone” about how the show ended. De La Soul themselves are yet to release a statement on the cancellation.

In the last fortnight De La Soul also missed their sets at Return to Rio and Byron Bay’s Beach Hotel, citing flight delays. The Byron Bay show was rescheduled to the following night, with refunds made available to those who could no longer attend.

Read the full statement from Funkdafied below.
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Katie Cunningham is the Editor of inthemix. She is on Twitter.