Chainsmokers do Idol, incur the wrath of Deadmau5 and friends

With 113 million YouTube views to its name and counting, The Chainsmokers’ ubiquitous single #SELFIE has proven the crossover hit of the year. So it’s hardly surprising that one of the USA’s most-watched shows – that’d be American Idol – wanted to get the guys behind the viral success on board for a guest appearance.

On Tuesday evening US time (or early this morning for those in the Southern Hemisphere) they did just that. After American Idol host Ryan Seacrest welcomed Chainsmokers duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall to the stage – asking the audience to text in their own #IdolSelfie – the pair launched into a two-minute performance of the song-of-the-hour, fist-pumping, taking selfies with audience members and generally not spending a whole lot of time behind the decks. And then Twitter exploded.

From Deadmau5 to Mat Zo, through to Porter Robinson and Knife Party, dance music’s biggest names weren’t shy about weighing in on The Chainsmokers’ mainstream moment. The general consensus, as you might guess, wasn’t positive. “This is a lesson to us all!” tweeted Mat Zo. “This is what happens when you keep chipping away at your dignity. You start by letting go a little, then bit by bit you lose grip and end up on American Idol wondering what went wrong.” Or as deadmau5 put it: “The only thing @TheChainsmokers and pop EDM have in common is probably cancer.”

But at least the duo had one artist in their corner of the ring, with the ever-affable Laidback Luke stepping in to defend their guest-slot. “What @thechainsmokers are going through right now is a trap that has been there for generations. This is the clue, bare with me: Make sure you put out a track you can be really proud of, cause if you break through with that you’re forever glued to that track,” he posted. “So in this case, they’ll still be playing Selfie in 20 years.”

The Chainsmokers hit Twitter in their own defence too, musing on the concept “selling out” over a 17-long string of tweets. The crux of their argument? “Isn’t the whole point to sell out and make some money so you can do what you love and live comfortably?” You can read all of the tweets below – but be ready to scroll.