Chad D: Triple Shot of House

Chad D: Triple shot of house

Chad D is a name synonymous with high quality house music. With one of the most impressive biographies you’re likely to see this side of the pond, it’s no surprise that TripleJ have selected him to represent the 4/4 side of Perth’s music. ITM was lucky enough to catch up with one of Perth’s favourite DJ’s.

ITM: How did you first get into DJ’ing?

Chad D: Well I used to be into hip-hop so I was always pretty keen to learn how to DJ and scratch, then I got into dance music and decided to buy some turntables around 1993 then started DJ’ing.

ITM: Which were your main musical influences when you started?

Chad D: Main influences when I started were Sasha, Graeme Park, Evolution, Sunscreem, lots of vocally house kinda stuff, I don’t really play many vocals now days though.

ITM: Who are your main influences now?

Chad D: Halo + Hippe, Nils Hess, Ralph Lawson, Steve Lawler, Sasha, Digweed, Circulation, Phil K, Kasey Taylor, Inland Knights, Lottie, Peace Division

ITM: How would you describe the sound you are playing now?

Chad D: Atmospheric tech-house with weird noises in it, hehe

ITM: This is the first JJJ Mix Up broadcast Live from Perth; do you think the national listeners will be surprised with what they hear?

Chad D:I hope so

ITM: What do you have in store for the TripleJ listeners during your set?

Chad D: hmm, I’ll start of with some deeper tech-house then keep building it up into some progressive house finishing off a bit harder, a journey I guess you could say. It’s live from Technique (Globe) so should be a good representation of what I normally play out.

ITM: You’re the man that is often relied upon to open for internationals when they visit, and the list of one’s that you’ve opened for is too long to quote here, who were you favourites?

Chad D: Halo and Hippe, Steve Lawler, Nick Warren and Danny Howells would probably have to be my favourites that I’ve played before, they’re all brilliant DJ’s

ITM: Similarly you’ve played all over Perth, which are you favourite venues/crowds? The ones that give you the biggest buzz.

Chad D: My favourite venue at the moment is the Globe (Technique) a great up for it crowd and great sized venue, also Ambar for a nice smaller more intimate affair.

ITM: What are some parties that you have played at and would call truly memorable?

Chad D:I have 2 that really stick in my mind one been the Ministry of Sound Tour 1999 @ Belmont Park six thousand people going absolutely crazy and the Renaissance Tour this year at Metros was brilliant.

ITM: Due to sheer geographical distance, Perth’s dance music community has grown up largely on it’s own, what’s your opinion of how this has influenced what you’re doing and what other DJ’s are doing?

Chad D: Well we get a great number of International and Interstate guest DJ’s passing threw so I’d say people are influenced by them and also from the internet, its also good to see a lot of Perth Producers and DJ’s are starting up there on Labels too.

ITM: You have a track (Second Phase) that’s on a forthcoming fashion industry fundraiser CD. You’ve also been caught road testing a track done with Eupho Spug, what does the future in the studio hold for you? Are there any other collaboration’s in the pipeline?

Chad D: Hopefully to get more advanced in the studio and to get some vinyl releases out, the track I did with Eupho Spug should be out on Liquid Tao later in the year and looking at doing some more work with him plus solo releases.

ITM: Where can people go to check you play on a regular basis?

Chad D: Wednesdays @ Ambar (Hi-Fidelity, and ITM’s forthcoming: Submerge), Monthly @ Technique (Saturdays at Globe), Saturdays @ Spirit Soundbar.

Chad D is playing live from Technique at the Globe in Perth, to help celebrate the WAMI’s this Saturday night. Check the Whatson section for more details. This will be broadcast live on JJJ’s Mixup program along with fellow Perth DJ, Echoic’s set. For more information check JJJ’s Mixup page.