Cassius: Youth, speed, trouble & cigarettes combined

Cassius are undoubtedly considered one of the heavyweights of house music both past and present. The French duo consisting of none other than Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass have been in the scene for over two decades and continue to keep the ever changing electronic dance music scene’s dancing – and they don’t intend on slowing down any time soon. Here the house heavyweights give ITM the dirt on their brand new self-titled record label, their forthcoming album as well as what their iPods have stuck on repeat.

Earlier this year you guys created Cassius Records, congratulations on that, tell me a little bit about it, what can we expect from the ever-so-uber Cassius for the future?

Apart from the obvious of making music with Philippe and myself, it’s not really a new direction, but we’re going to go back to the dance period that we had before, perhaps put the “pop” side up on the shelf, we have a little crush on our past and we want to go back to the dance side for the new album.

Speaking of the album, when is it due to be released?

We would love to finish all the tracks by February or something like this and be released before the European summer, that would be really nice, now with our own label Cassius Records, we have more freedom to do what we want, you know? It’s not like thinking before to please the record label but yeah, we would love to have something out by the summer.

So I’m guessing your first release on the label, Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes is something more of what you guys enjoy?

Yeah, in fact with that track we didn’t think, we did that track very fast and had a lot of fun in the studio and sort of said wow, it was like a brand new way of making music and even the music is different, so I think it’s gonna’ go back in this direction but yeah, I can’t really tell you more because we have a lot of ideas it’s not really finished, so the direction is a little bit of a blur but I think it’s gonna’ be cool!

Awesome. Back in late 2006 you guys did something a little unorthodox by providing your fans with the accapella to your classic Toop Toop, what was the thought behind it all and how was the response?

The response was incredible, we received something like 450 remixes and it took weeks to descend and it was mad, the problem was that we wanted to do a free release for principle and Virgin was like “no no we have to sell records” and we said *&%k, we’re not gonna sell records remixed from our people like this, we were not synchronised with the record company, but now we have like 450 remixes so one day we may release some crazy online mash up!

You guys are entering 2010 on Aussie soil, something you guys are veterans at, playing at big Aussie festivals this time of the year, what is it that brings you two back to the land down-under?

Yeah this is like the fourth time, the crowd is crazy you know?! They’re really into it! The girls too! Umm I don’t know, it’s very far when you come from France, it’s a very long trip, but when you arrive it’s like having the feeling of being back at the border of the end of the world, but in a good way, you know? You feel very, very far from everything and that’s something very welcoming to us. You know when you say “I’ll never go back!” well that’s definitely NOT Australia!

What was your most memorable gig in Australia?

It would probably be the first time we came, it was summer and the weather was beautiful, I think it was Melbourne, the beach and a lot of people and the sun was setting it was really fantastic, everybody was dancing. And the craziness of the kids, they want to have fun and spend all their energy, it’s crazy.

What record is on repeat on your iPod right now?

A lot of old stuff right now, but more specifically probably Wolfgang GartnerFire Power and I bought it like one month ago, I don’t play it like 10 times a day because its club stuff, but I love this track. I also listen to a lot of Van Morrison, this guy is a genius, you know when he sings, I cry.

Describe Cassius in one sentence.

The hairy guy and the bald guy like two brothers which try to go in the same direction.

Cassius tour dates:

Thur December 31st – Origin, Perth

Fri Jan 1st – Field Day, Sydney

Fri Jan 1st – Better Days, Melbourne

Sunday Jan 3rd – Solar Festival, Victoria