“He’s a bully”: Carnage continues to slam Deadmau5 over alleged festival fight

Well, we all knew this beef wasn’t over.

To catch you up: a few days ago we reported on the fiery beef that had erupted between Canadian superstar Deadmau5 and LA producer Carnage. The two artists allegedly got involved in a physical altercation at a festival in Calgary last weekend, with both producers squarely placing blame on each other.

Deadmau5 insisted that Carnage had “shoved” him backstage, before being restrained by security: “He makes a fucking dash in front of my security dude (stupid idea) to shove his dumb fucking ass in my face to yell ‘OH WHAT’S UP JOEL WHAT’S UP’. Of course I just kept walking, and (my) security dude, Drew, put his arm out to keep that fucking moron out of my face.”

Of course, Carnage saw it differently: he alleged that Deadmau5 was the one that shoved him.

“I had just finished my set, he was playing after me,” Carnage said. “I said ‘What’s up Joel? You got anything to say to me?’ Because his tour manager was talking shit to Fresco. And then he tried to shove me — what a scared little bitch. He called like 80 fucking cops to come take me out.”

Carnage has continued to throw cyber punches at Joel Zimmerman since the incident, today going on a lengthy Twitter rant calling him a “bully” and a “bitch”:

Deadmau5 has been unusually quiet on the whole brouhaha, except for this one tweet: