Carl Cox: “I was playing dubstep before anyone called it dubstep”

“I’ve always been eclectic with my ears,” UK legend Carl Cox told inthemix ahead of the Stereosonic 2011 tour. “There’s some drum & bass, dubstep, Latin house on my new album; basically everything to do with the course of my life.”

In a recent interview with Time Out London – and picked up by Mixmag – Cox takes theme of his eclecticism further. “I was playing dubstep three years before anyone even decided to call it dubstep, but I never got known for playing that style,” he remarks when the magazine asks if it’s hard not to get complacent. “I don’t mind the now generation being seen as the pioneers, but there had to be a Carl Cox pushing the doors open for these guys.”

The DJ’s forthright comments were picked up by dubstep figurehead Skream, who remarked on Twitter: “I would genuinely like to know what pre dubstep tracks Carl Cox was playing…”, before adding, “Is he talking Garage? El-B, Wookie, Zed Bias, Horsepower, Oris Jay? Because to me that was ‘dubstep’ before ‘dubstep’.”

This being Twitter, the query then incited a barrage of knee-jerk reactions: “Why do you hate Carl Cox so much? For fuck sake calm down man!”, “yo what’s ur fuckin problem bro hatin on carl cox get a fuckin clue bro”, and so on.

“People who actually know me know that I’ve got pretty good musical knowledge, hence why I would never diss fucking Carl Cox,” Tweeted a battle-weary Skream. Guess you don’t go to Twitter for a reasoned debate…