Can’t afford an MPC? Get one on your iPad

Got an iPad? Now you too can pretend to be DJ Shadow or “MVP of the MPC” AraabMUZIK, because Akai have released an app version of their legendary drum sampler. The touch pad drum machine – which has been used to make most of history’s legendary hip hop albums and more than a few house anthems as well – has been recreated for the popular tablet, with more than 600 samples and 80 editable sequences.

Tap out the beats with your fingers (the ‘timing correct’ will make up for your off-beat awkwardness), add in pre-recorded samples using the mixer, tinker with the full range of effects and boom – you’ve created your own tune while you wait for the train.

The MPC app also allows you to record and edit your productions, and even has a turntable sampler to allow you to pull samples from existing songs and add scratching – check out the video below for a look at everything you can do with it. Best of all, the iMPC is only USD$2.99 – and considering that a basic MPC will set you back around $500, that’s a pretty cheap way to set up a portable studio.

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