Candys Apartment is throwing a huge 15th birthday party this weekend

Beloved Sydney institution Candys Apartment is turning 15 this weekend, and to celebrate they’re throwing themselves not one but two almighty parties.

Friday night will see the likes of Melbourne spinners Slice N Dice, Sammy Boyle, Stevie Melani and Brotherz Of Mayhem step up to the decks, while Brisbane duo Bonka, Sydney’s Highjackerz, Jess Ne Ville, Luke La Beat and a stack more will deliver sets on Saturday.

Since its inception in 2002, Candys has grown to become one of Sydney’s premier club destinations. It has weathered its fair share of ups and downs too — managing to stay afloat during the lockouts while venues like Hugos, The Backroom and Trademark all shut their doors.

Booker Jarrad Bodeker is straight up about what makes the club such an ongoing success: “Candys is a music driven venue,” he told inthemix. “We have always supported the local scene and given artists a chance to develop, and we work closely with artists to turn their dreams into a career.”

Bodeker concedes that they “have 100 percent been affected by the lockouts and the bad press Kings Cross has received in the media in recent years,” but says Candys is determined to keep partying. “We will continue to put on good events and keep Candys a place where people can come down and dance,” Bodeker says.

“But ultimately, it’s up to you guys to keep places like Candys open. It’s very important for the public to support the venues and nightlife and support the promoters putting on good parties.”

Check out the full line-ups for both nights below. Tickets are on sale now.

Friday line-up

Slice N Dice
Stevie Melani
Sammy Boyle
Brotherz Of Mayhem
Klaus Kaz & Anderex
Frax & Hardy
DJ Thrills & Nasty

Saturday line-up

Jess Ne Ville
Luke La Beat
George Orb
Mitch Williams
Seeing Double
Jaiden Vella