Candys Apartment forced to close for 72 hours after police raid

An estimated 40 police offers raided Kings Cross nightspot Candys Apartment over the weekend, shutting the club down and issuing it with a 72-hour closure notice.

NSW Police raided the Bayswater Road venue on Saturday night as part of an ongoing investigation into drugs in the Cross that they say identified “a number of drug supply and licensing breaches”. One man found in possession of 60 MDMA caps was arrested outside the club and later charged with a total of 22 drug offences.

But the raid has been slammed by Keep Sydney Open, who say “one single drug arrest does not justify the dramatic operation undertaken by police.”

“We know there is a deal in the works to develop the land that Candys sits on, and the over-the-top raid does nothing to dissuade the community’s skepticism of police and government motives,” Keep Sydney Open posted on Facebook last night. “It wasn’t just Kings Cross, there have been reports coming in from Enmore, Bondi Beach and Oxford Street about excessive policing over the weekend.”

Candys DJ Elliot Harper posted on Facebook that the raid was “a targeted attack on one of the last thriving venues in the city.”

“Attacking a venue that has tried to work with police and law makers to reduce harm and create a safe party environment is bringing nothing but harm to the already flattened night time economy of this city,” he wrote. inthemix has contacted Candys Apartment for comment.