Can A-Trak, Diplo & Skrillex do good with ‘Bad’?

Now that dance music is America’s new favourite plaything, multi-million-dollar companies are naturally looking to cash in. Or, in the recent words of Pete Tong: “Success inevitably attracts attention – and now numerous extremely wealthy individuals, big business and VC funds are eager to buy into the EDM action.”

One such big-name multinational corporation is PepsiCo, who have announced plans to recruit dance stars for its 2012 Pepsi marketing campaign. As reported by Billboard, Pepsi is set to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Bad with a remix project in mid-May. The ‘exclusive tracks’ will be unlocked through a special Pepsi-can promotion where buyers scan a code with their phone to hear a song.

The remixers in the running for a sizeable pay-cheque? None other than Billboard cover stars Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak, who’ll each bring their spin to MJ’s seminal track. Something worth celebrating? This seems like comfortable for territory for A-Trak, while Diplo’s sizeable remix catalogue and recent hot streak suggest he’s primed. As with everything Skrillex, no doubt his version will be the opinion divider.

Pepsi’s push into the world of ‘EDM’ pits them against arch-rivals Coca Cola, who already have the likes of David Guetta and Mark Ronson in their corner. As Skrillex said in that Billboard story: “I still don’t understand. I play in Las Vegas and there are guys spending $50,000 on tables to see me.” Best get used to it.